Hey, we’re Clever Education. We provide educational resources to teachers and students in over 100 countries.

Our mission is to democratise education and provide:

  • a simple, affordable, way for teachers to help their students reach their potential
  • easy-to-follow revision guides and courses for students to focus on learning only what they need to

Our network of educational websites

School History

The biggest history teaching site on the web

A-Level Biology

Biology revision for A-Level students

A-Level Chemistry

Chemistry revision for A-Level students

Teach CompSci

Computer science resources for teachers

Nine Planets

The original space & solar system website

Helping with Math

K-8 math worksheets for teachers & homeschool

Study Finance

Learn finance, accounting, and business


Printable worksheets for teachers & homeschoolers

We are also working on a growing portfolio of smaller educational sites that are not quite ready yet: